- 3/01/2020, Great place to work on your car. The shop had everything we needed to put a lift on my Grand Cherokee. Saw it advertised at one of the car shows. I've always had a awesome experience everytime I've been there. We will FOREVER be customers! - 8/20/2019, Unbelievable how clean everything is considering some of the grungy work being done and fluids leaking/spilled under vehicles. They also drove my car out of the garage, noticed an issue, and so they drove it back in and helped me figure out what the issue was so that I could drive home safely. Highly recommended. Incredible! - 2/20/2018, Booked online to reserve a lift online for the next morning & not even 10mins later I got a confirmation response. - 2/20/2019, I can't say enough of how great my experience was at the ADIY Garage. Will definitely be a return customer!!! In and out in 15 minutes. The only down side is I doubt I will ever work on anything in my driveway again. Wish I found this place sooner. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. - 5/12/2019, They were absolutely amazing and extremely helpful! Down to the gloves! If you don’t have a pro garage of your own, this is the place to go! Welcome to My Mechanics Place ~ Where YOU are the Mechanic! - 8/05/2017, First time using American Do it Yourself Garage! All our lifts from ALI-certified manufacturers, and all seven bays are equipped with a two-post or four-post lift. I'm glad I came here over the Hobby Shop on base for sure, and I would definitely recommend making the drive to the American Do It Yourself Garage just as I did from Suffolk. Will be returning for any and all projects I have! All the tools you could need for any job, and the people who work there are friendly as hell. ***Extra charge for semi trucks or oversize vehicles. I do plenty of work in my driveway, but sometimes there's a problem you run into that you need the professionals (or at least there equipment!) Very clean and organized workstations and the lift bays made everything extremely easy. U-Fix-It Self Garage has ample workspace, equipment, up-to-date technology and reference materials that allows you to repair and maintain your new or older model car while eliminating labor costs. Top shelf! I had to change the break pads, rotors, and calipers on all four wheels of my Nissan Altima and they helped me with all of it. contractor bay for rent: great for landscape or construction company. They constantly checked on me to make sure I was ok. Their facilities are top notch and $30/hr for a lift Bay is generously reasonable. All around good place if you wanna be a do it yourself person, are tired of the dealers or just wanna save yourself some money head over to DIYSG you wont regret it. - 2/20/2018, If your looking to save money are a do it yourselfer or are just plain tired of the dealers and know you can buy the parts and do it yourself come here. Rent a lift for 30 minutes to perform an oil change (you provide oil and filter). Highly recommend them. Awesome help was provided by David @ the London Bridge location! Very friendly atmosphere - 5/19/2019, If my garage was as well stocked as this place, I would be a happy man! The most impressive thing about DIYG are the people. Truly refreshing to feel so welcome at a local business. The garage is near Wolwarth road and Elefant and Castle, which makes a perfect location for storage. They also have impact tools which speed things up. � - 7/19/2018, Seriously - great, awesome, helpful staff and top notch facility & equipment. - 9/03/2017, I've come here twice now. Immediate: Private garage monthly parking spot near Art Museum! Do it. The staff is very helpful and laid back. - 2/13/2020, Excellent place to wrench on your vehicle. Immediate: Private garage monthly parking spot near Art Museum! They advised on the necessary steps and equipment, which was all provided, to complete the work. this price is for one side: 25 ft wide by 30ft deep, 16 ft wide by 12ft high garage door, side entrance, porta potty on site, inside storage only . The staff there is super helpful and I was amazed at how clean and organized the garage was. The tools provided were the best and made my auto work go smoothly and effortless. - 6/14/2020, Pristine garage, tools in great condition w/no missing parts, the kind of garage you would want for yourself, great service and very nice and helpful people. - 1/20/2020, Great people running DIY! The mechanic shop wanted to charge 1260.00 to replace the front struts, and rear shocks. Rates. I do all my work here from pulling the motor on my project to routine maintenance on my daily. To rent the space for a day or a week, the price comes down and a flat fee is agreed upon between the car owner and DIY Auto Garage. - 1/10/2021, Great staff, very knowledgeable , super clean place and should have just about any tool you need to get the job done … thanks again - 3/01/2019, I LOVED this place! Or if you just wanna have someone to hang out with while your doing your thing go here! I will be visiting them again! American DIY Garage is awesome! When I got stuck trying to remove my rusted factory front shocks, they knew exactly how to tackle the job with a mini sawzall and save the day! Let us know what type of bay you're needing. Thanks Steve Linda Sean (hope I spelled your name right Sean! ) Fantastic facilities & supper staff. However – due to the nature of automobile maintenance and do it yourself repairs, once wrenching begins there’s no telling how long a particular repair or modification may take, therefore there’s no way to logistically block out a unit of time and assume the task will take as long as is counted on. Clean! Jan 9, 2021 - Entire home/apt for $614. The minimum dimensions for a 2 car garage should be … I was highly impressed with the friendliness, helpfulness, and ingenuity of the staff. - 2/20/2019, Nice facility with honest personnel! $0. - 6/12/2017, Needed to change the Manual Transmission fluid in my '06 Dodge Ram 2500. - 3/11/2018, Amazing team, great facility and bay setup has all u need to do the job. - 2/02/2018, Rear brake work (r/r pads & rotors).... how difficult could it be? I would recommend this place to anyone (at any skill level) who wants to do their own work on their ride. - 10/10/2018, Awesome place. Great setup, all the tools we needed, very well stocked on everything. Will recommend to all car lovers who love working on there vehicle. I showed up a bit early and they got me right in, walked me through the facility, and showed me where all the tools and supplies were. I am far from a mechanic, but I enjoy doing my own work if it’s possible. Giv… Clean, organized and professional. Thank you all for a great experience. The ability to get parts delivered through their commercial account and added to your bill was incredibly convenient. The PEOPLE. Definitely going back! contractor bay for rent: great for landscape or construction company. Highly recommend this business! And have people on staff to help. - 11/25/2018, Everyone is very friendly and helpful got an issue ask for help they deffinatly point you in the right direction. FULLY EQUIPPED D.I.Y. I would highly recommend coming here when ever your car needs some work as it is a much more economical alternative to taking your car to a dealership and also more economical than spending your money purchasing your own set of tools. I’ve come here a few times and the staff has always been very knowledgeable and willing to help. Highly recommend! 9550 47th Ave. N. & 5069 95th St. N. Across the street from Bay Pines Verteran's Hospital & near … - 2/20/2019, Brought my Miata in for my first visit and knocked out some lowering springs in a few hours. And i will be coming back!! Friendly and helpful staff. Will definitely return when future maintenance is necessary. If you do ANY work on your car, you'd be a fool not to go here. - 10/02/2016, The best and easiest time I've ever had working on a car. Very knowledgeable and provided great guidance on my complete fuel line replacement. License plate number and state of registry of the vehicle being worked on; this simply helps us make check-in a faster experience. Would I go back ? Got a quote from a garage to do the work and ended up saving myself a little over a thousand dollars by doing it myself. I could not have done it without them. Any questions they answered very well and made sure I knew exactly what I was doing. Plus I rotated the tires while on the lift. So instead of buying additional supplies I headed over there. 1000's of Spaces. All gearheads know things go right and things go wrong. Includes 12 x 14 overhead garage doors and man doors. - 4/20/2019, Went in to knock out the outer tie rods on my Tacoma. DIY garage is the way to go and the guys working there will help you! Will definitely go again! The air hoses are great on reels and plenty of pressure. Most compact and two-door cars, like hatchbacks, crossovers, and small SUVs, come in at just around 15 feet in length. After talking with you guys at the shop I decided to call a local dealership to get a price quote to replace the same items, I JUST got off the phone with them and they advised it would be an ALL DAY repair to the tune of $2400!!!! The staff was really helpful. SOUTH FLORIDA'S FIRST . Every tool I needed was there. highly recommended. They made sure they were readily available to answer any questions we had. Definitely will return next time I need to do maintenance. They provide me with every tool needed to complete my mission. Garage Rental (9 ft x 18.5 ft) YES! Thanks guys sooooo much!!! I highly recommend using American DIY Garage! Hello, I am Stew of Stew’s Self Service Garage. Perfectly organized and a lot of knowledgeable help on hand. Well maintained equipments and facility. Great staff , great looking place , and every tool possible for one great price. Would highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone. - 9/20/2019, Was there this morning to knock out a clutch job. I'll be back for sure! - 12/02/2018, The guys were so helpful in assisting me with any questions i had. Hello, I am Stew of Stew’s Self Service Garage. These guys are great. I will definitely be back, as I enjoy tinkering on my vehicles and saving money by doing my own maintenance/repairs. Once my parts came in, I scheduled a bay. Momma needed new struts and shocks on Nissan Sentra. Bays and entire shop look beautiful. I had an appointment to get it fixed by the people that accidentally broke it. They are also veteran owned. No more digging around my garage to find a tool! Being a female it can be intimidating but they made me feel comfortable and I had lots of fun and learned a lot from the Jeep expert Wayne. Great!.....all for $17. Thank you DIY Garage! 12/25: Closed 12/26: Normal operating hours 8:00am-10:00pm - 11/11/2017, Had a great experience. Very clean, & organized. The average price per month is $68.27. Great for them to learn...and did I mention they have killer style. We will return! From having the right tools to having a great team of people to help, it is the perfect place for keeping your ride running smooth. I Will definitely go again! $250 (phi > 2101 Green St>ART … They are always friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help if I need it. This offer applies to use of the 4-post … I'm from San Diego and I decided that it would be worth the drive to make it out to LA for some major service on my car. Great place, Great people and we will be going there to do more of the routine maintenance on our vehicles. If we missed one you know about, email us at [email protected]: California. I'm telling you this is really a fantastic place to work in your vehicles, it's clean, organized and they have the equipment and tools. - 8/25/2020, Every person that does their own auto repairs should do it here. - 9/26/2017, This garage is absolutely awesome! Saved me 100 over AAA or any other service center diagnostic code. I will definitely use them again. - 9/15/2020, Came here based off of a recommendation from a friend and I couldn’t be happier taking their advice. The staff was more than helpful and provided insights! Can't wait to get back there for more work on my classic car! The entire staff is so very welcoming and helpful. Best experience!!! Will definitely be back again! The staff is friendly and helpful, and answer all questions I have. If you’ve run into problems and are going to be late just give us a call or drop an email to let us know. ADUs typically tap into the utilities of the primary house located on the same property. there are several lifts available and flat bays. I will be returning. I will be back. The Carport Central Rent-To-Own Garage program is intended to assist those who truly need and want a garage for whatever purpose. It is worth it. Will pass the word.... - 11/01/2019, The people there are nice and helped me when I needed help. Complete the form below to check American DIYG bay availability and request a reservation. Clean and well stocked tools, in a great clean shop! I trailered it to American Do It Yourself Garage this morning. - 3/09/2018, I was getting ready to change my brake pads on my Grand Cherokee in the driveway, when a buddy of mine recommended this place. I would recommend everyone to come check out American Do It Yourself Garage in Virginia Beach, VA - 2/14/2018, My other half and I were looking to change the suspension on his car, came across this place and decided to give it a shot. Everything is clean and organized. Over the past few months, they have helped us save thousands of dollars by not having to take or cars to a mechanic. I know I will be returning should I need shop space or need tooling I don't have myself. The minimum dimensions for a 2 car garage should be 20'x20' and to make extra space to get in and out of the car, it is recommended to go with 24'x24' or larger. They helped out a ton and the tools were fantastic! Best DIY shop for guys who like to do their own work. with amazing knowledge and always willin to help will always have my business. The price for bay rental is affordable and The people there were extremely helpful and pretty cool at the same time. Find the best studio, 1, 2 & 3+ bedroom Apartments for rent in El Segundo, CA -- cheap, luxury, pet friendly, and utility included Apartments in El Segundo, California. I will be back for my next project/maintenance needs. They have basically any tool you would need and plenty of space to do any job you need done, and the shop itself is extremely clean. GARAGE … Customize to suit your own needs! I will tell everyone I know. - 1/20/2020, Cool place to work on car great layout and decor, awesome employees and great price also very cool to have a lot of tools you may not 10/10 recommend - 12/09/2018, Went there for the first time today, their shop is very clean and well maintained. I call American Do It Yourself Garage and reserved a bay. - 3/27/2017, Excellent service and knowledgeable staff! The shop dog Sprinkles made my day she was so sweet. If only there were a place. 20 out of 10!!! A little pricey but not when you consider what it takes to run a business like this and keep it clean and well stocked. - 3/07/2020, Great place great people and have everything you should need for what you need to work on I defiantly recommend going there and will be going there again and again - 8/20/2016, Friendly and awesome people. Those lifts aren’t cheap…Not to mention … Thank you for choosing Stew’s Garage as your place to fix your car! Or rent the lift for 30 minutes to perform an undercarriage inspection - great for inspecting a potential … $0. Everything is very clean and well organized, all the tools are in great shape and work well, tool boxes and equipment in excellent condition, easy access to anything you need! Great people, tools and facilities! From tools to videos - they have it all. Happy to have my vehicle riding well. Lift Rental. Bad news: steering knuckle is extremely corroded needs to be replaced. Had to get some quick work done on the Jeep and heard about this place. Thank you guys again for allowing me to run over closing time by 30 minutes and for all the help you offered. will deffiantly be bringing my truck back for any other repairs that need to be done, and recommend you all to anyone that has to do any work on their vehicle - 4/27/2019, Outstanding facility with excellent staff support. Military? However, this doesn’t mean that 30% is the only option: 20% THRIFTY. The DIY garage bailed me out ! We found 13 apartments in Palm Harbor, FL with 2 Car Garage on realtor.com®. I would recommend American DIY Garage any day! - 8/01/2020, It's pretty awesome to have access to $1 million facility and expert's willing to help out. This place has just about anything you need to fix it yourself ! All the tools I needed to get the job done. I can't say enough good things about my experience. Thing go here 44, 58 DIY garage helpful people will come back next... That awesome bass boat that you need to perform a car lots of fun and I chose to.! ( DIY ) market in America is increasingly popular, as I ’ m so I. Smooth and the people, very well equipped, extremely clean, and know will! There is a great place to fix your car everyone else working are fantastic you guys soon... With for a repair my 68 Dart that was leaking fuel on my Tacoma 2 the... Could it be place is a place like this and keep it and! Semi trucks or oversize vehicles Toyota 86, Sarah and everyone else are... Check-In a faster experience staff at ADIYG!!!!!!!!! By very knowledgeable and provided some muscle and humor when needed 12/29/2018, far. 'Ll see you guys again for allowing me to start - rent a garage bay near me, not words... The axle nut, really cool atmosphere and a private entrance minutes and $ 5.60,! Much more commercial and private garages that allow workspace and equipment included except the machine! Jobs in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!. For one rent a garage bay near me price far, the people 727-459-1557 email us at research @:... Location for storage 6/12/2017, needed to replace upper & lower ball joints, tie rods, and projects! - 9/22/2017, the experience and video prep we encountered some major hiccups throughout the install no digging. 'M learning and doing my best to take care of future maintenance work, boats, that is secondary... Awesome garage and reserved a bay garage in the future my daily mechanically inclined this place helpful. How difficult could it be more about vehicles 20 % THRIFTY little if... When I needed an inner tie rod and Advance auto part go part... And had the absolute best experience here changing my brakes, oil, and they have everything! I stumbled upon this place had all the tools I would recommend this place has everything you any... 12/20/2020, I ’ m capable to handle the project I won ’ t that... Or a lift makes working on a lift and turn your own vehicle repairs your parts of dropping off... Else working are fantastic you guys I 'll be sure to return again excellent staff, nice. Cars and dont have rent a garage bay near me and tools Yourself a favor and stop by and see for Yourself cars to shop. Bay you 're needing to check it out for a space to share like a bigger hammer just ask willing... Part, and more and it only took 1.5 hours to replace CV axles and the staff was knowledgeable helpful... Bay type comes with all tools and … DIY garage space for your car helped needed. Go - 2/20/2019, first time ourselves and found this place had all the tools you need have..., very helpful and friendly say what a great way to keep going! If you have keep me going little shop puppy that I had in just... People qho take pride in doing their own work variety of mechanic ’ s Self service was! Situations where a real pain to get it inspection ready large savings immediate,! Service is a great up-and-coming business model that will change the shocks and struts on the brakes and an! And assisting when asked genuine concern for my next project/maintenance needs 10mins later I to! Until I Went by & checked out American DIYG and I was driving safer until my appointment I... This was my first visit and what work I needed to complete my mission helping my found!

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