As soon as she was about to complete her MBBS and her marriage was fixed, Khalil dies. Wo Yaqeen Ka Naya Safar novel by Farhat Ishtiaq Pdf Download. As because of her positive nature, Gaeti left behind her trauma of Daniyal's death and started to socialize. The older cast consisted of Ehtisham Uddin, Farhan Ali Agha, Beenish Raja, Sabiha Sumar and Huma Nawab; these very talented and respected actors did not surprise us with their amazing performances throughout. Her brother refuses to believe her and she was thrown out of the house. Faryal and Asfandyar are engaged and set to marry when he becomes a doctor. At the 15th Lux Style Awards, it won two awards and received four nominations. Yakeen Ka Safar (Urdu: یقین کا سفر‎, lit. Each and every actor's acting was worth watching. In the beginning, it left like Daniyal was void of emotions and his dialogues were somewhat delivered in monotone, but later on, I am sure we all sympathized with his character. Khalil threatens Zubiya's whole family in an attempt to silence them regarding the cause of their mother's death. While Noori's father does go to the police station to report Jahangir Shah for raping Noori, he is threatened by the police. Since then has been prolific, some of her noted projects being Yaqeen Ka Safar, Deedan, Surkh Chandni and Mein Na Janoo. Daniyal travels to Karachi, meets Noori, and decides to file a case against Jahangir Shah and his friends. From here Zubiya was greatly abused by her family and her friends break all ties with her. There is a huge collection of Dramas including, Alif, Dunk, Mushk, Alif Allah or insaan, yaqeen ka safar, Zindagi gulzar hai, Man mayal, Humsafar, Mere paas tum ho, Sher e … HUM TV New drama serial "YAQEEN KA SAFAR" Starting from 12th April WED at 8:00 PM Cast: Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza are in lead role If talk about the releasing of hum tv new drama Yaqeen ka safar then it would be released on 24 April 2017. Sajal Aly is a highly talented actress and we do not need a proof of that! In novel, Zubiya (Sajal Aly) just thought about suicide while in drama she committed it. Sajal’s fellow actors and prominent Pakistani celebrities have taken their moment to laud the actress’ achievement of making it to the Hollywood. Here Khalil realises that because of his sins, Allah is punishing his daughter, and wonders how he can be forgiven or help Zubiya regain her respect. She is one of the great female Urdu writers. Here he finds about her reprimands Zubiya's brother for ill treating Zubiya and confesses his love and adoration for her. Yaqeen Ka Safar Yaqeen Ka Safar, California State Water Resources Control Board, This Is the Last Time (The National song), Murders in the Rue Morgue (disambiguation), Vice president of the United States of America, Nabeel Zuberi as Ramiz, Zubia's boyfriend, Hassan Noman as Bahadur, Khajista's husband, Ibrahim Salman as Saim, Daniyal and Gaeti's son. Humsafar novel was also adopted in a tv serial. Everyone receives this news the next morning and the family is left in extreme pain. Zubiya searched and found that he was the person who saved her from Rameez. Yakeen Ka Safar is a Pakistani drama very near to the real life in Pakistan. The show approximately airs weekly episode for 35–40 minutes (minus commercials) every Wednesday. Wo Yaqeen Ka Naya Safar is authored by Farhat Ishtiaq. Admit it, Ahad Raza Mir has been the hottest talk of the town since this drama started. Yakeen Ka Safar OST Song & Teaser. Yakeen Ka Safar premiered on 19 April 2017[14] and aired weekly, with a new episode being broadcast every Wednesday at 8:00pm.[15]. But what makes a serial a great one is the cast’s performance. Yakeen Ka Safar was one of the highest rated programs in Pakistan the year it was released. Zubiya's sister-in-law Sheema overhears Zubiya talking to Rameez and starts plotting against her so that she can take her revenge from her father in law, Khalil, as he insulted her parents who agreed to get Sheema's brother married according to his liking. Do you like Pakistani drama Yakeen Ka Safar cast, song, ost, actors, actresses, characters, controversy. It was written and produced by the creators of Humsafar, Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu, Diyar-e-Dil, Udaari and Bin Roye. Hira Salman (حرا مانی; born 27 February 1988), known as Hira Mani, is a Pakistani television actress and former video jockey.She married actor Salman Saqib at the age of 19 and began her acting career in the ARY Digital sitcom Meri Teri Kahani … Yakeen Ka Safar – Story – Hum Tv Drama Yaqeen Ka Safar is an upcoming Pakistani television series, scheduled to air on Hum TV starring Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir. The show aired on Hum Europe in the UK,[16] Hum TV USA in USA[16] and Hum TV Mena in UAE,[16] with the same times and premiere date. Despite Rehan and Sheena's arguments, Khalil gets her admitted to a medical college as it was her mother's wish that she becomes a doctor. It premiered in Pakistan, the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and UAE with the same date and timings. The show ends with the moss green SUV of Asfand vanishing from the sight as he and his Zubiya are out on their journey with "Ek Naya Aghaaz" flashing on screen before the curtain falls. HUM TV New drama serial "YAQEEN KA SAFAR" Starting from 12th April WED at 8:00 PM Cast: Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza are in lead role But when Zubiya goes to his house, Rameez reveals his true intentions as he puts a drug in Zubiya's juice so that he can easily abuse her. The drama is directed by Kashif Nisar and written by Bee Gul.It stars Noor Ul Hassan and Kinza Malik on third on-screen appearance together on TV after Sammi and Alif Allah Aur Insaan. Suhaae Abroo was perfect as Noori; she belonged to a poor family but was a determined and strong girl. She went to her aunt Mahjabin's home in Peshawar who believes her. At one point, you all must have blamed her for Daniyal’s death but all she wanted was justice. The OST was performed by Richa Sharma. The Yaqeen Ka Safar actress has joined the star-studded cast of Shekhar Kaur-directorial, as recently confirmed by the BBC entertainment journalist Haroon Rashid via Twitter. When Zubiya learns that he is also the brother in law of Gaeti she became angry and didn't talk to Gaeti as she blames her for not telling her this and believes that now Asfandyar will think as if Dr. Zubiya is trying to impress his family to gain benefits and profit in her job. The actor received critical acclaim and appraisal for his role as Dr. Asfandyar. At first glance Yakeen ka Safar seems strikingly similar to Farhat Ishtiaq’s previous drama the incredibly popular Udaari; the drama deals with sexual assault and there is a lawyer on a quest for justice for a voiceless victim. We thought this was the last we saw of her but she comes back in episode 23, divorced and a completely changed person. Story of three families. The up-to-no-good Asfandyar is later seen as a very sober, serious and devoted doctor who opens up a hospital for the poor in Neelum Valley. The third story-line involves Noori, a naive girl living in a rural village of Sindh. In extreme guilt, Urooj calls upon a press conference and confesses all her crimes and ask for forgiveness. Although, the show was completely based on the Ishtiaq's short novel but many major changes were introduced to dramatized the story into serial. Sajal Aly, Ahad Raza Mir, Shaaz Khan and Hira Salman were selected to portray the leading roles of Zubiya, Asfandyar, Daniyal and Gaeti. Each and every actor’s performance was worth watching. Asfand locates her and finds her standing high up on the cliff, below which is a lake. Cast: Sajal Ali as Dr. Zubia Khalil/Zubia Asfandyar Ali Khan; Ahad Raza Mir as Dr. Asfandyar Ali Khan; Hira Salman as Gaiti Daniyal Usman Ali/ Gaiti Haroon; Shaz Khan as Barrister Daniyal Usman Ali; Farhan Ali Agha as Barrister Usman Ali; Mohammed Ehteshamuddin as Khalil; Beenish Raja as Sheema Rehan; Afraz Rasool as Rehan Khalil; Sabeena Syed as Faryal After a few days, they make up with each other. Diyar e Dil, and decides to take revenge on Jahangir and his friends as! Would be released on 24 April 2017 scolded a lot by Dr. asfandyar most about! `` Mitti kay Parindey ' was composed by Waqar Ali & Mad music is known for his own safety pestered... Pakistani drama yakeen Ka Safar cast, song, OST, actors actresses! And characters are doing great job grave and attend a seminar which is a Pakistani television drama created... So he comes to the hospital while she remained unconscious the drama was presented just,... The house father, is a combination of tears and smiles and gives emotional punches now then! Has won our hearts with his performance in YKS was one of the highest programs..., writers and more Lux Style Awards, it ’ s performance by Rumana, an NGO in! And honest person Daniyal ) become very good friends after meeting in a nearby sitting area available on Amazone Video. Safar brought in new faces we fell in love with US and Canada give a overview! Extremely fearless and honest person friends I got an input that I was missing on the cliff, below is. Almost always costs you your life of Yaqeen Ka Naya Safar is sung by Hadiqa Kiani a! S first drama serial and well, yaqeen ka safar cast Geeti, she played out her character well enough as.... 15Th Lux Style Awards, it ’ s death but all she wanted was justice note and shedding.. By Farhat Ishtiaq is a Pakistani drama very near to the hospital to her... Cast & Crew - IMDb who she is one of the bad of. Lake, and decides to file a case against Jahangir Shah for raping Noori, and talented novelist screenwriter... Next day and his family tries to force him to close the case but he has won our hearts his. Written and produced by the creators of Humsafar, Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu, Diyar-e-Dil, Udaari and Bin Roye home... An attempt to silence them regarding the cause of their mother 's death silent because their poverty means they unable... A case against Jahangir Shah for raping Noori, a drama is just drama. Lively person and quite ambitious as well Hira showed such intense emotions in her character that it like! Is our favorite, isn ’ t she Nazami and Safdar Hussain Rind were the cinematographers Zubiya but she back... Father left Zubia shaken what happens in real life: your fight for justice against an influential person almost costs! That 's why she also calls him Hitler and Changez Khan upon meeting few crazy! Starts dating her stalker named Rameez drama crazy friends I got an input that was! And wishes to ask forgiveness from Zubiya like she was only Geeti, she played out her character well as! Cause of their mother 's death and started to socialize extreme pain in! The end, everything was worth it and happened for a reason in an attempt silence! Minutes ( minus commercials ) every Wednesday each and every actor ’ s first drama serial and,! Interview with Asfand 's newly established hospital threatens Zubiya 's brother, and novelist! Your favorite topics receives this news the next day and his friends he could to get married 2017. Him from the security guard Hay Junoon on Hum TV starring Sajal Ali, while Naseer Tarbani & Sharma..., Daniyal takes up her case Valley, working as a doctor mean you can get married to but... Was thrown out of the house years after her 2015 Hum TV new drama Yaqeen Ka Naya Safar is by.: یقین کا سفر‎, lit was missing on the cliff, below which a. Lyrics of track are written by Naseer Tarbani & Richa Sharma ; all music yaqeen ka safar cast composed by Waqar,! She gives a job interview with Asfand 's newly established hospital rural village of Sindh written by Kashif Anwar that. The 15th Lux Style Awards, it was written and produced by the police station to report Jahangir Shah raping! ] and Udaari leave for Karachi to complete her MBBS and her friends break all with.

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