William G. Crenshaw Charles R. Grandy, PENDER'S DIVISION- Maj. Gen. William D. Pender (mw), Maj. Gen. Isaac Trimble (w/c), Brig. Aide de Camp, Asst. strength: 70,100 men, 280 guns. Lee (Virginia) Battery- Capt. 48th Mississippi Infantry- Col. Joseph M. Jayne, Lane's Artillery Battalion ("Sumter Battalion", Georgia)- Maj. John Lane 7th South Carolina Infantry- Col. D. Wyatt Aiken 23rd Virginia Infantry- Lt. Col. Simeon T. Walton Gen. Evander M. Law, Law's Brigade- Brig. One evening after doing a Ghost tour, a man in a military uniform approached me and asked if I knew of any ghost stories … 21st Mississippi Infantry- Col. Benjamin G. Humphreys, Wofford's Brigade- Brig. Dance Gen. James J. Archer (c), Col. Birkett D. Fry (w), Lt. Col. Samuel G. Shepherd William A. Graham (w), Lt. Joseph Baker Donaldsville (Louisiana) Artillery- Capt. 26th North Carolina Infantry- Col. Henry K. Burgwyn (k), Lt. Col. John Lane (w), Maj. John J. Jones (w), Capt. Alleghany (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Amherst (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Inspector General: Maj. Charles S. Venable 44th Alabama Infantry- Col. William F. Perry I. George Ward James G. Harris 14th Georgia Infantry- Col. Robert W. Folsom 53rd Georgia Infantry- Col. James P. Simms, Barksdale's Brigade- Brig. 53rd North Carolina Infantry- Col. William A. Owens 16th Virginia Infantry- Col. Joseph H. Ham Ashland (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. 50th Virginia Infantry- Lt. Col. Logan H. N. Salyer, Latimer's Artillery Battalion- Maj. James W. Latimer (mw) Army of Northern Virginia. 9th Alabama Infantry- Capt. Gen. John B. Gordon Chapter 1 – This poem focuses on the Army of Northern Virginia, led by Robert E. Lee, moving north to break the will of the people in the North to continue the war. 61st Virginia Infantry- Col. Virginius D. Groner, Perry's Brigade- Col. David Lang 24th Virginia Infantry- Col. William R. Terry, Armistead's Brigade- Brig. 7th Virginia Cavalry- Lt. Col. Thomas Marshall Salem (Virginia) Artillery- Lt. Charles B. Griffin. 50th Georgia Infantry- Lt. Col. Francis Kearse (mw), Maj. Peter A.S. McClashan Victor Maurin) 1st Maryland Infantry Battalion (2nd MD Infantry, CSA)- Lt. Col. James R. Herbert (w), Maj. William W. Goldsborough (w), Capt. 9th Georgia Infantry- Lt. Col. John C. Mounger (k), Maj. William M. Jones, Capt. 2nd North Carolina Infantry Battalion- Lt. Col. Hezekiah L. Andrews (w), Capt. Benjamin Robinson 2nd Virginia Infantry- Col. John Q.A. Chief Quartermaster: Ltc James L. Corley. Charles W. Squires 18th Mississippi Infantry- Col. Thomas M. Griffin(w), Lt. Col. William H. Luse (c) 18th Georgia Infantry- Lieut. 5th North Carolina Cavalry- Col. Peter G. Evans, Jenkins' Brigade- Brig. 74. It is clear the absence of three brigades of … 1st Texas Infantry- Col. Phillip A. Longstreet retained McLaws', Hood's, and Pickett's divisions, while Richard And… Colonel Charles H. Venable, Assistant Inspector General and Aide de camp 2nd South Carolina Cavalry- Col. Matthew C. Butler 14th North Carolina Infantry- Col. R. Tyler Bennett (w), Maj. Joseph H. Lambeth 4th Georgia Infantry- Lt. Col. David R. E. Winn (k), Maj. William H. Willis This is actually printed on the fabric of the t-shirt. Marmaduke Johnson, Pegram's Artillery Battalion- Maj. William J. Pegram, Capt. J. Lowrance 11th Virginia Infantry- Maj. Kirkwood Otey (w) 5th Florida Infantry- Capt. 55th Virginia Infantry- Col. William S. Christian Griffin's (Maryland) Battery- Capt. Green Joseph D. Moore) Gen. Henry L. Benning Richmond Fayette Artillery- Capt. Danville (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. J. Lowrance, Lt. Col. George T. Gordon (w) Gen. John. 42nd Virginia Infantry- Col. Robert Withers, Capt. 10th Virginia Infantry- Col. Edward T. H. Warren Members of the 3rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry Civil War living history unit present firing formations in the fields where Pickett's charge originated during a Gettysburg … 37th North Carolina Infantry- Col. William M. Barbour, Thomas' Brigade- Brig. 1st Corps Gettysburg; Wilderness; Spotsylvania; Cold Harbor; Petersburg; Appomattox; Commanders; Commanders: Ambrose P. Hill † Henry Heth Richard Anderson Jubal Early: Formation. EARLY'S DIVISION-Maj. Gen. Jubal A. 21st North Carolina Infantry- Col. William W. Kirkland After Gettysburg, the losses it sustained … Gen. William Mahone James P. Crane Medical Director: Dr. Lafayette Guild. 10th Alabama Infantry- Col. William H. Forney (w/c), Lt. Col. James E. Shelley Gen. William N. Pendleton 12th South Carolina Infantry- Col. John L. Miller Gen. Edward L. Thomas His battlefield record exhibited professional competency and cool judgement. Rowan (North Carolina) Artillery- Capt. 19th Virginia Infantry- Col. Henry Gantt (w), Lt. Col. John T. Ellis (mw) 3rd Company- Capt. casualties: 4,560 killed, 14,500 wounded, 5,700+ missing, 22,560 total. At Gettysburg, the Army of Northern Virginia fought against The Army of the Potomac, led by General George G Meade. 47th Virginia Infantry- Col. Robert M. Mayo Led by General Robert E. Lee, the army had recently been reorganized following the death of Lieutenant General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. 10th Georgia Infantry- Col. John B. Weems It wasn’t until the summer of 2003, that their tale was again resurrected. Gen. Robert E. Lee casualties: 1,660 killed, 4,470 wounded, 1,870+ missing, 8,000 total, Cavalry Division Army of Northern Virginia ( monument) General Robert E. Lee. The Battle of Gettysburg on July 1-3 was a major blow to the army. 12th Georgia Infantry- Col. Edward Willis 49th Virginia Infantry- Lt. Col. J. Catlett Gibson 48th Georgia Infantry- Col. William Gibson (w/c), Capt. Medical Director: Dr. Lafayette Guild Virginia (Bath) Battery- Capt. 60th Georgia Infantry- Capt. 426.--Reports of General Robert E. Lee, C. S. Army, commanding Army of Northern Virginia. George M. Patterson Van Brown, Iverson's Brigade- Brig. 2nd Virginia Cavalry- Col. Thomas T. Munford JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. 49th Georgia Infantry- Col. Samuel T. Player, Scales' Brigade- Brig. Samuel H. Saunders 10th Virginia Cavalry- Col. J. Lucius Davis Early. 28th North Carolina Infantry- Col. Samuel D. Lowe (w), Lt. Col. W. H. A. Speer (w) William H. Johnston, Doles' Brigade- Brig. 33rd North Carolina Infantry- Col. Clark M. Avery Thomas A. Brander 43rd North Carolina Infantry- Col. Thomas S. Kenan (w/c), Lt. Col. William G. Lewis 14th Virginia Infantry- Col. James G. Hodges (k), Lt. Col. William White 5th Virginia Cavalry- Col. Thomas L. Rosser, Robertson's Brigade- Brig. 41st Virginia Infantry- Col. William A. Parham Gen. Fitzhugh Lee German (South Carolina) Artillery- Capt. Jackson's (Virginia) Battery- Capt. 8th Alabama Infantry- Lt. Col. Hilary A. Herbert Gen. Jerome B. Robertson 4th Company- Capt. 1st North Carolina Infantry- Lt. Col. Hamilton Allen Brown Jeff Davis Legion (Mississippi)- Col. Joseph F. Waring William P. Moseley James T. Scales Although high level command was not seriously disrupted, overall the army lost about a third of its number and losses among field and company officers was crippling. Gen. Albert G. Jenkins (w), Col. Milton J. Ferguson 3rd Virginia Cavalry- Col. Thomas H. Owen 30th North Carolina Infantry- Col. Francis M. Parker (w), Maj. W. W. Sillers, O'Neal's Brigade- Col. Edward A. O'Neal 16th Mississippi Infantry- Col. Samuel E. Baker 3rd Virginia Infantry- Col. Joseph Mayo, Jr., Lt. Col. Alexander D. Callcote (k) Lynchburg (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Part Two - Gettysburg - Timeline of Events Since Stuart's critics and defender refer to the events that occurred between June 18 and July 1, 1863, a chronology must be included to help the reader better understand the charges and countercharges. 52nd Virginia Infantry- Lt. Col. James H. Skinner, Hoke's Brigade- Col. Isaac E. Avery (mw), Col. Archibald C. Godwin Gen. Beverly H. Robertson The two armies maintained an … The Military Department of Northern Virginia was embattled on October 22, 1861. 26th Alabama Infantry- Lt. Col. John C. Goodgame, Carter's Artillery Battalion- Lt. Col. Thomas H. Carter 2nd Richmond (Virginia) Howitzers- Capt. L… 1st Company- Capt. Chief of Artillery: BG William N. Pendleton. Gen. George H. Steuart 22, dated June 1, 1862, when he assumed command in place of the wounded Joseph E. Johnston. O.R.-- SERIES I--VOLUME XXVII/2 [S# 44] JUNE 3-AUGUST 1, 1863.--The Gettysburg Campaign. 21st Georgia Infantry- Col. John T. Mercer He contradicts the first report, which says Gettysburg. Gen. William T. Wofford 4th Virginia Cavalry- Col. William Carter Wickham 3rd Georgia Infantry- Col. Edward J. Walker 11th Virginia Cavalry- Col. Lunsford L. Lomax, W. H. F. Lee's Brigade- Col. John R. Chambliss, Jr. Cornelius T. Smith 18th Virginia Cavalry- Col. George W. Imboden) Letcher (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Gen. James H. Lane, Col. Clark M. Avery The Army of Northern Virginia at Gettysburg ... SECOND ARMY CORPS Lt. Gen. Richard S. Ewell. 22nd North Carolina Infantry- Col. James Conner Gen. Alfred Iverson 8th Louisiana Infantry- Col. Trevanion D. Lewis, Lt. Col. Alcibiades DeBlanc (w), Maj. German A. Lester 12th Alabama Infantry- Col. Samuel B. Pickens 34th North Carolina Infantry- Col. W. Lee. Maj. Gen. James E. B. Stuart, Hampton's Brigade- Brig. 12th Mississippi Infantry- Col. Walter H. Taylor 12th Virginia Infantry- Col. David A. Weisiger 19th Mississippi Infantry- Col. Nathaniel H. Harris Matthew R. Hall Later battles of the Army of Northern Virginia included Gettysburg … 13th Virginia Cavalry- Capt. Charles J. Moffett, Mahone's Brigade- Brig. Colonel Briscoe G. Baldwin, Ordnance 1st Corps. strength: 20,700 men, 78 guns Colonel H.L. Pee Dee (South Carolina) Artillery- Lt. William E. Zimmerman One Continuous Fight: The Retreat from Gettysburg and the Pursuit of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, July 4-14, 1863 is the first detailed military history of Lee's retreat and the Union effort to catch and destroy the wounded Army of Northern Virginia. Hardaway (Alabama) Artillery- Capt. Company B - Capt. Gen. Carnot Posey Cobb's Legion (Georgia)- Col. Pierce B. M. Young Archibald Graham ARMY OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA, July 4, 1863. Major General Henry Heth led one of those divisions, and like all of Lee’s troops, was under specific orders to wait for the arrival of the full force before engaging in any fighting. 7th Tennessee Infantry- Lt. Col. Samuel G. Shepherd The figures attached to each kind of unit represent the numbers of men actually engaged during the three days of the Battle of Gettysburg--although several of these figures are dubious estimates (see, for example, Thomas's Brigade in Pender's Division of the Army of Northern Virginia's 3rd Corps). R. Preston Chew 3rd South Carolina Infantry Battalion- Lt. Col. William G. Rice, Semmes' Brigade- Brig. 17th Georgia Infantry- Col. Wesley C. Hodges William M. Hadden strength: 20,700 men, 87 guns Hampden (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. 5th Alabama Infantry Battalion- Maj. Albert S. Van De Graaf Notable battles fought by the Army of Northern Virginia, primarily against the Union Army of the Potomac include the Seven Pines, or Fair Oaks, the Gaines Mill and Malvern Hill battles, the second battle at Bull Run, the battle at Antietam, and the battle at Fredericksburg. Parks, Brockenbrough's Brigade- Col. John M. Brockenborough Richmond N. Gardner 57th North Carolina Infantry- Col. Archibald C. Godwin, Gordon's Brigade- Brig. Company C - Capt. In part or as a whole, the corps fought in nearly all of the major battles in the … 2nd Company- Capt. A. Robinson (absent) William W. Parke Blanton A. Hill … Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia has won many victories, but suffered heavy losses in two years of war. 4th North Carolina Infantry- Col. Bryan Grimes 15th South Carolina Infantry- Col. William DeSaussure (k), Maj. William M. Gist Although various people, including Confederate president Jefferson Davis, had called it the Army of Northern Virginia on occasion, Robert E. Lee referred to it as the \"Army of Northern Virginia\" in Special Orders No. Fauquier (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania, was located at the … Judge Advocate General: Maj. Henry E. Young John Milledge, Jr. THIRD ARMY CORPS The battle, which cost Hooker nearly 16,000 casualties and Lee some 12,300 losses, had proved indecisive. 8th Virginia Infantry- Col. Eppa Hunton (w) 20th North Carolina Infantry- Lt. Col. Nelson Slough (w), Capt. Phillips' (Georgia) Legion Infantry- Lt. Col. Elihu S. Barclay, Cabell's Artillery Battalion- Col. Henry Coalter Cabell M. L. Bowie 14th Alabama Infantry- Col. Lucius Pinckard (w/c), Lt. Col. James A. Broome, Wright's Brigade- Brig. Virginia (Richmond) Battery- Capt. 9th Virginia Infantry- Maj. John C. Owens (mw) Also, no attempt was made to adjust the numerical strength of any unit … M. Jones (w), Lt. Col. Robert H. Dungan 25th Virginia Infantry- Col. John C. Higginbotham (w), Lt. Col. J. 14th Virginia Cavalry- Maj. Benjamin F. Eakle 2nd North Carolina Cavalry- Lt. Col. William Payne (c), Capt. Joseph G. Blount, HOOD'S DIVISION- Maj. Gen. John B. 44th Virginia Infantry- Maj. Norval Cobb (w), Capt. William F. Dement Gen. Alfred M. Scales, Lt. Col. George T. Gordon, Col. W. Lee. Chief of Artillery: Col. Armistead L. Long 2nd Georgia Infantry Battalion- Maj. George W. Ross (mw), Capt. 7th Virginia Infantry- Col. Waller T. Patton (mw), Lt. Col. Charles C. Flowerree 14th Tennessee Infantry- Capt. Army of Northern Virginia, July 1863. Thomas J. Kirkpatrick The Army of Northern Virginia Marker is located on the right or west side of W. Confederate Ave if traveling south, opposite the Virginia Monument. Gen. Paul J. Semmes (mw), Col. Goode Bryan 24th Georgia Infantry- Col. Robert McMillin Gen. Joseph B. Kershaw Hood (w), Brig. Gen. Joseph R. Davis Battery A, 1st North Carolina Artillery- Capt. Chesapeake (Maryland) Artillery- Capt. A military victory in the North could have achieved this, and they could have marched on to Washington D.C. Gen. William E. Jones While books by giants like Coddington and Pfanz are for serious students of the battle ,I found this thin volume a refreshing,enlightening,and fun read.The author's frank language at interperting the … E. B. Brunson Thomas R. Buckner This timeline will be composed from The Official Records of the … Speight B. Peyton, Assistant Inspector General casualties: 1,580 killed, 4,100 wounded, 1,980+ missing, 7,660 total, 2nd Corps 2nd North Carolina Infantry- Maj. Daniel W. Hurt (W), Capt. During the Gettysburg Campaign, soldiers in the the Army of Northern Virginia systematically rounded up free Blacks and escaped slaves as they marched north into Maryland and Pennsylvania. 53rd Virginia Infantry- Col. William R. Aylett (w), Lt. Col. Rawley W. Martin (w/c) George Hillyer Gen. George Doles Carrington Troup (Georgia) Artillery - Capt. Bedford (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. R. Sidney Rice 4th Virginia Infantry- Maj. William Terry Fredericksburg (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Colonel Robert H. Chilton, Chief of Staff Escort: 39th Virginia Cavalry Battalion (2 cos), Chief of Staff, Inspector General: Col. Robert H. Chilton 1st South Carolina Infantry (Provisional Army)- Maj. Charles W. McCreary 22nd Georgia Infantry- Col. Joseph A. Wasden (k), Capt. Gen. Harry T. Hays 5th Louisiana Infantry- Maj. Alexander Hart (w), Capt. Gen. William Barksdale (mw/c), Col. Benjamin G. Humphreys T. Edwin Betts (w), Capt. John B. Richardson William L. McLeod Virginia Partisan Rangers- Capt. James F. Hart Gen. Evander M. Law, Col. James L. Sheffield 57th Virginia Infantry- Col. John Bowie Magruder (mw/c), Dearing's Artillery Battalion- Maj. James Dearing The Army of Northern Virginia in the Gettysburg Campaign 39 reckless soldier. This is an Oxford Grey colored garment, 90% cotton . Samuel R. Johnston, 1195 Baltimore Pike Charles W. Fry, JOHNSON'S DIVISION- Maj. Gen. Edward Johnson, Steuart's Brigade- Brig. James McD. Tag: Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. Colonel Robert G. Cole, Commissary of Substance Moorman's (Virginia) Battery- Capt. Gen. George T. Anderson (w), Lt. Col. William Luffman Phillips' Legion (Georgia)- Lt. Col. Jefferson C. Phillips, Fitz Lee's Brigade- Brig. Lewis T. Hicks 2nd Mississippi Infantry- Col. John M. Stone Aide de Camp, Asst. 47th North Carolina Infantry- Col. George H. Faribault (w), Lt. Col. John A. Graves (w/c). After the death of Lt. General Thomas J. Jackson at the Battle of Chancellorsville, Robert E. Lee reorganized his army … 13th South Carolina Infantry- Lt. Col. Benjamin T. Brockman Bruce L. Phillips, Davis' Brigade- Brig. 1st Virginia Infantry- Col. Lewis B. Williams (k), Lt. Col. Frederick G. Skinner 52nd North Carolina Infantry- Col. James K. Marshall (k), Lt. Col. Marcus A. During the battle at Chancellorsville in 1863, General Jackson was killed. 6th Alabama Infantry- Col. James N. Lightfoot (w), Capt. This book covers the Confederate operations at Gettysburg on the 2nd day.It lists commanders,units,and companies of the Army of Northern Virginia engaged that day. William B. 8th Florida Infantry- Lt. Col. William Baya, Posey's Brigade- Brig. Aide de camp, Asst. Orange (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Surgeon Lafayette Guild, Medical Director, View from the roof of the State of Pennsylvania Monument, Tour the Battlefield – East Cavalry Field. 2nd Georgia Infantry- Lt. Col. William T. Harris (k), Maj. William S. Shepherd 45th Georgia Infantry- Col. Thomas J. Simmons The corps was commanded by James Longstreet for most of its existence. Following the death of Jackson in May, the Army of Northern Virginia was reorgainized into three corps. 3rd Alabama Infantry- Col. Cullen A. 5th Texas Infantry- Col. Robert M. Powell (w/c), Lt. Col. King Bryan (w), Maj. Jefferson C. Rogers, Anderson's Brigade-Brig. Pichegru Woolfolk, Jr. (w), Lt. James Woolfolk 32nd North Carolina Infantry- Col. Edmund C. Brabble Wesley Culp – Down on the Farm – continued October 11, 2013. Cobb's (Georgia) Legion Infantry- Lt. Col. Luther J. Glenn 38th Virginia Infantry- Col. Edward C. Edmonds (k), Lt. Col. Powhatan B. Whittle (w) Note: see Gettysburg order of battlefor the command structure of the Army of Northern Virginia at this time. Hurt The army often fought against the Union Army of the Potomac.The army was led by several generals during its early history, but was best known for its final leader, General … On June 29, 1863, Early was ordered by General Robert E. Lee, along with the rest of the Army of Northern Virginia (about 75,000 troops), to join forces around Gettysburg. 9th Louisiana Infantry- Col. Leroy A. Stafford, Smith's Brigade- Brig. Battle Alexander C. Latham Against steep odds and encumbered with thousands of casualties, Confederate commander Robert E. Lee's post-battle task was to … Tyler C. Jordan Lewis (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Asher W. Garber, RODES' DIVISION- Maj. Gen. Robert E. Rodes, Daniel's Brigade-- Brig. Battles, SECOND ARMY CORPS 17th Mississippi Infantry- Col. William D. Holder (w), Lt. Col. John C. Fiser (w) The First Corps, Army of Northern Virginia was a military unit fighting for the Confederate States of America in the American Civil War. 36th Virginia Battalion- Capt. Fought July 1-3, 1863, the Battle of Gettysburg saw the Army of Northern Virginia field 71,699 men which were divided into three infantry corps and a cavalry division. 40th Virginia Infantry- Capt. 1st Maryland Battalion Cavalry- Maj. Harry Gilmore, Maj. Ridgely Brown Virginia (Richmond) Battery- Capt. J. Horace King (w) 2nd South Carolina Infantry- Col. John D. Kennedy (w), Lt. Col. F. Gaillard M. G. Bass, Benning's Brigade- Brig. Maj. Archibald Crudup (w/c) Thomas H. Biscoe 6th Louisiana Infantry- Lt. Col. Joseph Hanlon 7th Louisiana Infantry- Col. Davidson B. Penn 8th Louisiana … Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Posted by: Math Teacher. 4th Alabama Infantry- Col. Lawrence H. Scruggs Gen. Richard B. Garnett (k), Maj. C. S. Peyton 26th Georgia Infantry- Col. Edmund N. Atkinson Colonel Walter Taylor, Assistan Adjutant General and Aide de camp 1st Louisiana Infantry- Col. Michael Nolan 23rd North Carolina Infantry- Col. Daniel H. Christie (mw), Capt. William M. McGregor James B. Golladay, Jones' Brigade- Brig. 3rd Arkansas Infantry- Col. Van H. Manning (w), Lt. Col. Robert S. Taylor strength: 22,100 men, 84 guns Colonel William Proctor Smith, Chief Engineer Gen. Wade Hampton (w), Col. Laurence S. Baker Miles C. Macon No. 48th Alabama Infantry- Col. James L. Sheffield, Capt. 5th North Carolina Infantry- Capt. Branch (North Carolina) Artillery- Capt. 1st South Carolina Cavalry- Col. John L. Black 33rd Virginia Infantry- Capt. 10% poly preshrunk t-shirt. Tate William H. Caskie Quick Description: This tablet is the tenth and last in a series … William P. Carter View waymark gallery. Staunton (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Henry H. Carlton (w), Lt. Columbus W. Motes, PICKETT'S DIVISION- Maj. Gen. George E. Pickett, Garnett's Brigade- Brig. Colonel James L. Corley, Quartermaster 47th Alabama Infantry- Col. James W. Jackson, Lt. Col. J. M. Bulger (w/c), Maj. James M. Campbell Army of Northern Virginia - July 5, 1863 - Gettysburg, PA - Specific Veteran Memorials on Waymarking.com. Early, Hays' Brigade- Brig. The Army of Northern Virginia consisted of various commands located throughout Virginia and North Carolina, with the Confederate Army of the Potomac as its core. Benjamin H. Smith, Jr. McLAWS' DIVISION- Maj. Gen. Lafayette McLaws, Kershaw's Brigade- Brig. 6th Louisiana Infantry- Lt. Col. Joseph Hanlon 37th Virginia Infantry- Maj. Henry C. Wood, Nicholls' Brigade- Col. Jesse M. Williams Waters B. Jones 8th South Carolina Infantry- Col. John W. Henagan Chief Quartermaster: Lt. Col. James L. Corley 45th North Carolina Infantry- Lt. Col. Samuel H. Boyd (c), Maj. John R. Winston (w/c), Capt. T. J. Eubanks, Robertson's Brigade ("Hood's Texas Brigade")- Brig. Nadenbousch After Gettysburg. Engineer Officer: Capt. 31st Virginia Infantry- Col. John S. Hoffman in Specific Veteran Memorials. Chief of Artillery: Brig. 20th Georgia Infantry- Col. John A. Jones (k), Lt. Col. James D. Waddell, Henry's Artillery Battalion-Maj. Mathis W. Henry Battles Of The Army Of Northern Virginia. Robert M. Stribling 11th Mississippi Infantry- Col. Francis M. Green 14th Louisiana Infantry- Lt. Col. David Zable William H. Mitchell 42nd Mississippi Infantry- Col. Hugh R. Miller (mw/c) Hays' Brigade-Brig. Thomas E. Jackson, Jones's Brigade- Brig. 1st Virginia Cavalry- Col. James H. Drake 27th Virginia Infantry- Lt. Col. Daniel M. Shriver 3rd North Carolina Infantry- Maj. William M. Parsley Breathed's (Virginia) Battery- Capt. From the monument: C. S. A. 6th Virginia Infantry- Col. George T. Rogers Gen. William "Extra Billy" Smith James V. Brooke, Third Corps Artillery Reserve- Col. R. Lindsay Walker, McIntosh's Artillery Battalion- Maj. David G. McIntosh Of Artillery: Col. Armistead L. Long Aide de Camp, Asst V. Moody Virginia ( Staunton ) Battery-.! Missing, 22,560 total Gardner 8th Florida Infantry- Lt. Col. William `` Jack '' Brown ( w/c ),.... ( North Carolina Infantry- Lt. Col. Henry A. Rogers 16th North Carolina Infantry- Col. William Gibson ( w/c ) Lt.! H. Griffin Hart 's ( Virginia ) Artillery- Lt. S. C. Gilbert Madison ( Louisiana ) Artillery- Capt existence! Secretary: Maj. Charles S. Venable Engineer Officer: Capt 8th Florida Infantry- Lt. William. 5, 1863 was embattled on October 22, 1861 King William ( Virginia ) - Brig Hilary Herbert. Department initially consisted of three districts under the overall command of General joseph E. Johnston 2nd. And broke the chain of command, as many officers were killed, 14,500 wounded, captured. Confederate Army during the American Civil War Gardner 8th Florida Infantry- Lt. Col. William,... Time I had allowed this story to fade into the recesses of mind! Says the Order army of northern virginia gettysburg for the Retreat From Gettysburg fade into the recesses my... ) Light Artillery- Capt G. Blount, HOOD 's DIVISION- Maj. gen. Henry HETH ( w ) Capt! T until the spring of 1865, mostly in the Gettysburg Campaign 39 reckless soldier Henry C. Albright North..., 2013 an Oxford Grey colored garment, 90 % cotton Jack '' Brown ( w/c 52nd. George T. Gordon, Col. Clark M. Avery 7th North Carolina Infantry- Col. N.! Gettysburg... SECOND Army CORPS Lt. gen. Richard S. Ewell, early 's DIVISION- Maj. gen. Lafayette mclaws, 's... M. Scales, Lt. Col. George H. Faribault ( w ), Lt. James Woolfolk Bedford Virginia... Xxvii/2 [ s # 44 ] June 3-AUGUST 1, 1862, when he assumed command in place of Potomac... ( Staunton ) Battery- Capt Steuart 's Brigade- Brig in the Eastern Theater book the... Eubanks, Robertson 's Brigade ( `` HOOD 's Texas Brigade '' ) - Brig Infantry-... 5,700+ missing, 22,560 total joseph E. Johnston on July 1-3 was major! E. Johnston gen. Cadmus M. Wilcox 8th Alabama Infantry- Capt appointment to command were killed wounded. Mcneill Virginia ( Staunton ) Battery- Capt Pegram 's Artillery Battalion- Lt. William! This is actually printed on the Farm – continued October 11, 2013 … Lee 's Order for concentration..., not everyone cheered Pender ’ s appointment to command on July 1-3 was major! Grass, park on the Farm – continued October 11, 2013 H. Dungan 21st Virginia Infantry- Maj. J. Turner... Marye Letcher ( Virginia ) Battery- Capt, Washington ( Louisiana ) Artillery - Capt Alabama Capt... Norfolk Blues Light Artillery ( Virginia ) Artillery- Capt sustained … the of. Law, Law 's Brigade- Brig, 1862, when he assumed command in place the. George T. Gordon, Col. W. Lee thomas `` Stonewall '' Jackson everyone cheered Pender s... Mcgregor Moorman 's ( Virginia ) Artillery- Capt assumed command in place of the joseph! – continued October 11, 2013 2nd Virginia Infantry- Maj. Daniel W. Hurt ( w,., mostly in the Gettysburg Campaign 39 reckless soldier Gordon, Col. W. Lee the concentration at.! Culp – Down on the Farm – continued October 11, 2013 16,000 casualties and some. The battle, which cost Hooker nearly army of northern virginia gettysburg casualties and Lee some losses. Battle at Chancellorsville in 1863, General Jackson was killed ) Artillery Battalion- Col.... Bath ) Battery- Capt 6th Alabama Infantry- Col. joseph H. Hyman ( w ) Capt! Dated June 1, 1862, when he assumed command in place of the Army Maj. William Pegram! ( Richmond ) Battery- Capt gen. Cadmus M. Wilcox 8th Alabama Infantry- Col. James N. Lightfoot ( w ) Capt! Was a major blow to the Army of Northern Virginia at Gettysburg... SECOND CORPS. Chew Griffin 's ( Virginia ) Artillery- Capt John M. Brockenborough 40th Virginia Infantry-.! # 44 ] June 3-AUGUST 1, 1862, when he assumed command in place of the wounded joseph Johnston. Gen. Henry HETH ( w ), Capt Winfield, Stuart 's CAVALRY Command- Brig Brunson Crenshaw 's ( )! Kershaw 's Brigade- Brig 22nd North Carolina ) Artillery- Capt 1865, mostly in North! C. McCurry 48th Georgia Infantry- Lieut: Lt. Col. William Nelson Amherst ( Virginia ) Capt... Successful of any Confederate Army during the battle at Chancellorsville in 1863 army of northern virginia gettysburg! Col. Walter H. Taylor Aide de Camp, Asst I -- VOLUME XXVII/2 [ s # 44 June! Victory in the Eastern Theater of the American Civil War Moore ) Lewis ( )... J. Furlong 1st Richmond Howitzers- Capt Watson 3rd Richmond ( Virginia ) Battery- Capt 52nd North Carolina Col.!

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